Small leather goods

    Kazed: it’s not the usual leather men’s wallet. It’s much more.

    Each has its own portfolio, with a touch of elegance and innovation. This is the Kazed proposal for small leather goods, which is added to the leather bags. Fashions pass, but the wallet remains and is one of those timeless accessories that we always carry with us and that contains the essential things for our activities. Money, credit cards, documents and so on.

    We have designed and created three product lines: one-color (with exterior in textured leather and nappa inside); two-color (with interior and exterior of different colors, made of nappa leather) and natural (exterior in Ligneah® material – a wooden fabric, eco-friendly and cruelty free – and nappa leather interior).

    What is your ideal portfolio?

    It could be said, simply, that the principle “to each his own” applies to the portfolio, but we at Kazed have decided to make it unique and flexible, like the rest of our products.

    A real system in pure Kazed style that combines the choice of Italian leather and craftsmanship with practicality of use. The leather card holders, with a neodymium magnet attachment system, are detachable and easily repositioned to make electronic payments simple and fast.

    And to find your style you can configure your wallet by fishing from our line of accessories and finishes, constantly evolving and updating.

    It’s our mood: a wallet, endless possibilities.

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