Clutch Leather Bags

    Our clutches: travel, work and leisure.

    The Kazed clutch bag collection makes your look unique with a practical and customizable object for every moment of your day. The care of the design, the availability of warm colors, the craftsmanship and the choice of Italian leather as material are the characteristics of our offer. Versatile and adaptable to your every need, you can adapt them to everyday use using our magnetic boards and their exclusive coupling system.

    In making them we gave vent to all our passion and creativity, putting on the market a unique quality accessory.

    Women’s Clutch: colored and for every use.

    The bag has always been the essential accessory that makes your look unique. We like to think that, thanks to a KAZED bag, your outfit is perceived as revolutionary: both when you take it with you and, above all, when you open it, unveiling to the world the infinite possibilities that our accessories offer. Bags, it has always been said, are never enough and it is true.

    Or, better, it was until today: with a bag that changes function at any time you really have the ability to free space in the closets. We are counting on making more and more colors, containers, interior accessories and finishes at your disposal: combining a KAZED bag with your clothes will be easy and immediate. The Case Revolution is also this!

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