Complete packages

    Our packs, designed and built for you.

    The KAZED Collection is based on a simple and revolutionary idea, allowing you to build, alone, the ideal bag for your work. The development of this idea has led to dimensioning the exterior of the bag and designing the interior accessories according to the daily problems, related to how to keep the objects necessary for work and not only at hand, and at your fingertips. We have decided to make available for the online sale, eight new complete sets (bag plus accessories): briefcase pack, tech briefcase, clutch pack, essential clutch, boxy beauty, boxy essential, mini stationary clutch and essential mini clutch.

    Within them, after careful research and interviews with numerous professionals, we have included the essential accessories for the people who will use them. What are they? Find them in the individual product sheets, look at them and find out which one fits you the most.

    If you want a unique bag, do it yourself.

    The complete sets that we have proposed do not solve your organization and order problems? No problem, thanks to our accessories you can build, alone, your bag for every use and situation: only limit, your imagination. And if you think that there may be a useful accessory that you can not find on our online shop, and to which we have not yet thought, contact us and tell us your idea: we can make it, and maybe even give it a name, together.

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