Your Kazed tells a story.

An entrepreneurial adventure of two young designers to restart the productive context of their land, start the possibility of creating new job opportunities in their territory, homeland of ancient manufacturing tradition: Tolentino.

We wanted to revolutionize the concept of a stock exchange. We wanted to free people from the constraints of objects designed for a single use and for a single function.

We have called it “Case Revolution”: the revolution of practicality and creativity applied to everyday objects that, with the sole limitation of the imagination of those who use them, can adapt to the needs of every type of person and to every type of situation: tech, travel, minimalist, beauty, writing.

The real revolution. THE PATENT.

It allows you to give each bag a modular “heart” that no other accessory has.

Each interior becomes modular thanks to a system of magnets, which allows the internal parts to be detached, exchanged, replaced, overlapping and also have a “life of their own” outside the bags. No more a bag with pockets, hooks and compartments, but many accessories that come together to form the bag and separate to be used in freedom. Each magnet is shielded, as on an orbiting station, by any electromagnetic field and their interference to magnetic cards (ATMs, credit cards) or any other electronic device with material normally used by the aerospace industry.

Introducing accessories that are “made in Italy” on the market today, is certainly perceived as an added value, synonymous with craftsmanship and quality. Our patent enhances this value by making each product unique.

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